Sales Strategy and Culture

  • Much of our focus at Aorta Sales is based around individual effectiveness, ensuring that the individual sales resources has the correct training, tools, attitude and competence to be successful

  • Here though, we look at the organisational needs

    • Where is the organisation heading?
    • Is the sales strategy slearly defined, communicated and understood?
    • Not only externally, but very importantly internally, within the sales team
    • Does the sales team understand their goals, parameteres and 'rules of engagement'?
    • Can the sales staff count on the support of management, colleagues and subordinates, 'back at base' to deliver their commitments?
    • Would different Company Directors, if independently asked, all position the Company's strategy, products and services in the same way? Or is tehre doubt? Disagreement? Confusion?

At Aorta Sales we understand the challenges inherent in all the above and have a veritable host of specific collateral, material, knowledge and expertise to work through these issues ensuring that the salesforce can focus on just what it is supposed to be focussed on.... promoting and selling the company offer.

Sales Strategy and Culture

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