Outsourced Sales

An independent sales force?

Aorta Sales provides a comprehensive and flexible outsourced sales service for a variety and range of different clients.

We cover a wide range of business to business (B2B) industries and sectors, high value, complex 'major account' penetration and sales, high volume lower value sales, existing account management, new territory expansion, anything that makes sense to your business.

For SMEs or 'technical' companies either without the need or without the commercial management and financial resources to employ in-house sales force, outsourcing the sales force is a very real option.

Aorta Sales can provide sales prospect generation services (telephone, mailshot, e-mail campaigns, senior level calling, relationship selling); sales qualification services (telephone, persoanl visit, office meeting services, seminar provision and management); innovative sales acceleration plans (generation of 'compelling event' scenarios, buying motivational insight, volume sales initiatives); sale negotiating and closure expertise; usually we contribute more than our clients could possible think of - to accelerate and improve the quality and quantity of your sales pipeline and contracted business.

As one SME client recently commented: "Can I be honest with you? It's a bloody weight of my shoulders that we've got your help."

Or, another (commenting on our due diligence and workshop process) "It was hard work, a struggle at times to get through, but at the end.... Wow! How rewarding!"

Talk to us about outsourced sales if you need someone else to do the 'hard work' for you; if the sales just aren't coming in, or you need another string to your bow.

There are times when supplementary sales resources can be required and applied.

We will do the selling for you, we take on bioard all the necessary knwledge surrounding your company's products and services and then sell them on your behalf.

This leaves you free to concentrate on the bots of the business that you enjoy and are good at, often giving our client's companies a new lease of life.

Aorta Sales DO NOT undertake business to consumer (B2C) sales, nor do we undertake sales of advertising, telecom or utility company supply contracts. if you require these services we can recommend high quality companies in these sectors, so contact us for current information.

Outsourced Sales

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