Sales Coaching and Mentoring

At Aorta Sales we help build and grow your organisation through mentoring and coaching your personnel. Sometimes organisations and individuals within, get stuck in a rut and need the influence and guidance of outside professional help to steer them back in the right direction.

Through positive and constructive coaching and mentoring, focusing on management skills, motivation and unblocking of various common impediments to sales, organisations gain personnel that have good work ethios/good morale and an eagerness to please, excel and achieve their best.

Aorta Sales believe that with the right mentoring and coaching skills, organisations benefit from better productivity, increase in sales and highly motivated staff. Through valuable learning techniques in sales presentations, telephone sales and prospect meetings organisations will ultimately maximise their sales potential.

Focusing on individuals - each person has different skills and attributes - at Aorta Sales we help to merge these skills with techniques that will enhance your workforce and create a harmonious workplace. Specific areas of difficulty; procrastination, confidence, learning when to stay quiet, maintaining ethical and professional standards, under-commiting and over delivering are all areas of regular focus.

With our years of experience, Aorta Sales will guide and encourage good communications skills, greater productivity and motivate and instil confidence with your personnel. In turn this will ensure you achieve your goals, have a knowledgeable and articulate workforce and increase your organisation's profits.

Sales Coaching and Mentoring

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