Business Fundamentals

An holistic approach to sales.

All too often we witness great effort, great focus (even great expense) in one area of the sales process only to see the progress and results achieved completely overturned, thwarted or plain sabotaged elsewhere.

* The positive benefit of on-time, even immediate despatch of goods, only to be lost by the behaviour of a surly, rude, or just plain inefficient courier or delivery service.

* Thousands being spent on a professional, well designed, well manned exhibition stand, only to see the gathered sales leads left to rot (perhaps under pressure of other work) back at the office.

* Sales, hard won by the sales team, perhaps against strong competition with the promise of speedy delivery or faultless despatch, are lost by the credit control department ‘holding the order due to outstanding issues’, or by the Goods Issue department, taking the afternoon off, or putting this order aside to clear some other overdue despatch or priority. 

It goes on! 

If you get to meet us, we will be pleased to outline how we approach sales, how we approach the customer experience and what to us a ‘sale’ actually is.

What’s your best definition of a sale?