Sales Management

Discover new tools for turning the art of sales management into a reliable science.

Help your people motivate themselves. Become a better coach. Learn to adapt your management style for difficult personalities.

Get more accurate forecasts. Manage sales campaign risks. Deal effectively with stress. Make meetings more productive.

Above all, achieve your sales goals with more ease and certainty. 

Who Should Attend

This course vastly expands the tools, methods and practices that Sales Directors and Managers can bring to bear on the challenge of achieving and exceeding sales targets.

If you lead a field sales team and are responsible for ensuring they meet revenue or profit objectives, you should consider attending.  

Course Objectives

This course will:

  • Explain how top sales people consistently outperform their peers
  • Provide methods for understanding and affecting individual motivation
  • Understand personality differences and how to adapt management style
  • Study how to use delegation for motivation and development
  • Learn the secrets and skills of an effective coach and mentor
  • Develop better sales processes and methods
  • Examine leadership and develop the leader in yourself