Sales Recruitment


Effective sales recruitment is critical to the success of any business.  



The wrong candidate:


  • will waste thousands in direct salary and expense costs;
  • will waste months perhaps years on lost opportunities;
  • will waste hundreds of hours of management time;
  • will waste potentially thousands or even millions in opportunity cost and lost business.

Many recruitment companies seem content to play lip service to clearly communicated requirements.



Candidate’s CVs are frequently distributed, almost in bulk, often without regard to specific suitability and relevant experience, never mind important elements such as cultural fit, attitude and motivation.

Whatever your sales resource requirements, at Aorta Sales we have the experience and expertise to quickly gain an intricate understanding of your business, your priorities, your needs and to understand the cultural and business imperatives which the new candidate must satisfy to work successfully within your business.


Our recruitment team take time and care to meet, interview and professionally assess every candidate we consider. You won'r ever meet them if we do not think they are right for you.


If recruitment hasn't worked for you in the past, we will take a broader look at your organisation and critically address cultural, management, environment or other issues to ensure that your future recruitment goes to plan.

We guarantee it!

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