Sales Productivity

Sales people        

Aorta Sales can deliver quality sales personnel to any organisation in any business sector.  Whether through recruitment, or existing personnel development, harnessing our years of experience and expertise, Aorta Sales can bring in personnel who will increase your sales and grow the organisation, taking it to its next level.

Aorta Sales is dedicated in our quest of meeting, interviewing and ultimately placing appropriate candidates for your organisation and will always take the time to meet individuals first before you are introduced to them, matching not just experience and expertise, but culture, approach, aspirations, attitude and much more.

In working with Aorta Sales, you will never interview someone who we believe  does not possess the correct qualities and/or qualifications required. 

CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are a valuable tool for any organisation.  As the name suggests it is a (usually) online system which manages customers and tracks and records activities which relate to that organisation. 

At Aorta Sales we have extensive knowledge of CRM systems and will advise and guide your organisation to the most appropriate CRM systems which will meet and deliver your highest priorities.

Account Management Systems

Account management is vital to the success of any organisation and, therefore, at Aorta Sales we provide your sales personnel with the skills and expertise required to continue to adapt and 'farm' your client accounts.   Building a good rapport, a sustainable working relationship and unlocking areas of greater potential (e.g. recurring revenue) with key accounts could make or break (make AND break!) your sales targets. 


Sales forecasting is estimating the sales that the organisation is likely to achieve in the future, very useful in forecasting and business planning, critical if your organisation has long product lead times, cash flow challenges, rapid obsolescence or strong competitive pressures.

Accurate forecasting is easier to achieve if the business is one which is established, with clear patterns identifiable, previous performance to base upon etc.

New businesses and new business projections are a little more difficult to forecast, but at Aorta Sales regardless of whether you are a long-standing organisation or a fledgling we will guide and assist in preparing your sales projections using tried and tested methods. 

Sales Productivity

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