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  • What to say about experience?
  • We add it up and it runs into several hundred years of combined sales experience, sales management experience and business expansion experience.
  • We¬†think of the various routes and channels to market, whether direct sales, indirect sales, sales through agents, distributors, subsidiaries, sister companies, partner companies, telephone sales, e-mail campaigns, mailshots, cold calling (urgh!), we've been there, we've done it, we know the lessons, the pitfalls, the shortcuts and the ways to be successful.
  • We think of various markets, banking, finance, retail, packaging, telecoms, IT, ERP, logistics, transport, entertainment .. .... waterless urinals?! we've done it!
  • Think your product is something we can't handle? Think again!
  • We think of various types of sales, products, services, software, tangibles, intangibles, subscriptions, insurances .. we've been there .. we've done it. Successfully.

At Aorta Sales we have the experience to apply - give us a call.