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Here at Aorta Sales, we're proud to stand out from the crowd. Over the last six years we have grown our sales related businesses rapidly in our Maidenhead (Berkshire, UK) office and our Milan (Italy) office.

As a result of our growth and our growing reputation as a highly respected provider of sales advisory, development and remedial services, we plan further development and expansion in line with our business growth.

If you feel that your experience and expertise could add further value to Aorta Sales, please send a full CV, along with your salary expectations and specific areas of interest by e-mail to

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Aorta Sales Limited is a young dynamic outsourced sales, sales training & sales development company. We have a number of clients (so lots of variety) for whom we perform sales activity on their behalf, generating and following up sales leads & contacts.
Following several new contracts, we need to recruit telesales personnel to join us. You will need the confidence and perhaps experience to make professional sales calls on behalf of our clients to specific named prospects using telephone scripts & general business guides.

We are looking for people who are articulate, numerate, good at admin & perhaps has the desire and potential to grow with our business into field sales, office sales admin or sales management. A sense of humour and personality will also help!

We offer a good salary, flexible hours, full training and a brilliant working environment and/or following an appropriate 'getting to know each other' period you may be home based, if it works for you .. and us. Want to know more? Then send your cv by e-mail to

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Aorta Sales Ltd 

Aorta Sales is a dynamic and innovative outsourced sales company based in Maidenhead and Milan. The initial focus within Aorta Sales is on helping existing business to business wholesale, banking, software and security service clients enhance existing product and service sales into predominently UK, but also European, markets.Our telemarketing supports Aorta Sales’s activities by providing quality telemarketing services as part of the overall Aorta Sales package.  In addition they provide a broader mix of campaigns, beyond pure sales. 

Oportunities Available

Currently Aorta Sales is looking for Customer Sales Advisors to carry out telemarketing campaigns on behalf of some prestigious clients.As a flexible employer, Aorta Sales ( seeks individuals who are looking for between 3-6 hours per day and between 2-5 days a week (subject to a minimum of 9 hours per week), depending upon your commitments.  Your start time can fit in with school runs or other activities.  You may like to work mornings only or just afternoons.  Evening work is also available up until 9pm on some campaigns and, once again, you may like to work 3, 4 or 5 evenings per week.This position offers you the opportunity to earn a very competitive salary and may also give you the chance to become a permanent member of the Aorta Sales team.

What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a very broad term for different types of telephone work and Aorta Sales carry out the following:  Market Research, Sales, Appointment Making, Data Cleaning and Lead Generation, although a large proportion of our work relates to sales and sales promotion activity. 

What skills will I need and what will I be doing?

To work at Aorta Sales you will need to have excellent communication skills, basic keyboard skills, extremely clear diction, enthusiasm and confidence.  The role involves working in either our office environment, or from your own home location, promoting services and products to our clients’ prospects and  customers.  You will be trained and assigned initially to one campaign.  However, once exprienced and with further training you will work on many others, which provide variety.


You will need to participate in a structured training programme and regardless of your typical hours of work, the first week consists of 4 consecutive days.  The training involves an induction to Aorta Sales, our business and clients, the environment you will be wokring in, product training and how to use the telephone and computer / CRM systems.  After this first week, training and coaching continues upon the instruction of the Team Managers and there will be ongoing quality control. 

Your First 12 weeks

When you start working for Aorta Sales it will be as a temporary employee.  However, the company automatically views and welcomes you as any other member of our team.  We appreciate that telemarketing does not suit everyone and therefore your first 12 weeks will be to ensure that you are happy within the role and that you are performing well with the work that you are carrying out.

Rates of Pay

From the 10th week of your assignment, Aorta Sales will pay you a base hourly rate plus an uncapped sales commission.  During the first 9 weeks, no commission will be paid – instead you will received a guaranteed additional payment for each hour worked.  The Base Rates of pay are: £6.00/hour for daytime hours and £7.00/hour for evening hours.  During the first 9 weeks of the trial period, the Base Rate plus guaranteed additional payment increase the hourly pay to £7/hour and £8/hour respectively.  Once you start to earn the base rate plus commission you should earn even better than this. You will be paid directly into your bank account, one week in arrears. 

Hours of work/absenteeism

At your interview and upon being offered an assignment with Aorta Sales, you wil have agreed your days and hours. It it vital that you work your allocated times as all campaigns have completion dates and are calculated on how many hours are required to achieve this.  Aorta Sales’ clients expect results at an agreed time.  Therefore, if you do not carry out your hours, deadlines are not achieved which could have an adverse impact on the business.  If you are unable to attend work for any reason, you will need to inform your manager within one hour prior to your shift commencing.  Although, Aorta Sales is an extremely fair company to work for and will look at every individual reason, excessive absence may result in the termination of the assignment.  


Before commencing your assignment at Aorta Sales, we will ask you to sign an agreement between yourself and Aorta Sales.  This is to ensure that you know exactly what is expected of you and indeed, will act as a confidentiality agreement due to the nature of the work that you will be carrying out. 

Emergency Details

Aorta Sales is a safety conscious company.  We will ask you to provide Aorta Sales with your date of birth, a contact number and your next of kin with contact number.  This is in case of any emergency.  We also ask you to disclose to Aorta Sales if you have any pre-existing medical condition, which is to ensure that the appropriate action can be taken if you have problems whilst on our premises. 

13 Week Transfer

After 13 weeks of working at Aorta Sales as a temporary employee, you may be asked if you would like to transfer permanently to Aorta Sales employment, dependent upon the success of the relationship.,  You will then be entitled to the full benefits that Aorta Sales has to offer.