The Cynics Guide

Disillusioned with sales recruitment?

Sceptical of the effectiveness of Sales Training?

Not in close enough touch with 'your feminine side' to appreciate coaching and mentoring?

.... then read on - we know what you mean!

Sales Recruitment

Sharks, shysters, or worse. Sales recruitment consists of a couple of quick ‘key word’ database searches and hey presto a mountain of cv’s to be reviewed. Easy money for so called ‘recruitment specialists’.

Part of the passion behind Aorta Sales was developed from the experience of our recruitment division and the positive feedback we received to our ‘refreshing’ approach. 

Often called in to recruit the replacement for the empty chair, the occupant of which was fired last week for non-performance, or (even worse) called in to a meeting to discuss recruitment in a whisper as ‘George’, sitting eight feet away is the guy who will be replaced when we find a better candidate. 

No sales or personnel recruitment company in the world will pay any attention at all to why the non-performance occurred, why a previously acceptable individual ‘went bad’, or ‘what’s really behind the issues which ‘George’ is facing.

Quite short sighted. Clearly George would benefit from some time being spent to more deeply understand the reasons behind his malaise, clearly the company should benefit from understanding the root causes, in order to:

a: stop it happening again, but more importantly:

b:  figure out whether George can be saved before embarking on the expensive adventure of recruiting anew.

It’s only a small logical step to also appreciate that from any customer centric recruitment company perspective, it can’t be in the recruiters best interest to place a candidate who may in six to nine months find himself in the same position as ‘George’.

But “Oh!! We’re beyond the fee refund period by then! – so we start all over”. At Aorta Sales we only recruit when recruitment is the best option.

We won't sell you something that you don't need!


Gone are the days when an organisation can afford to place their entire sales force on a programme of sales training, 2 days on ‘Negotiation Skills’, 3 days on ‘Penetrating Major Accounts’ etc. It just doesn’t happen anymore…

....and if it does, how often are the individuals who so desperately need the training “called away” to that oh so important phone call, client meeting, or doctor’s appointment.

Training is often a ‘political’ tactic, the Sales Manager lamenting that “Well you can’t blame me for their poor performance boss, I’ve trained them this year more than ever before”.

Too little? Too late? No cohesion or relevance….. Training is often positioned as a reward…spending company funding at the beginning or end of the financial year, to make a point, achieve an ill defined end..etc.

Even if positioned correctly and implemented professionally, very very rarely is there any attention given to follow up, to ensure that the new skills learned or revised are recalled and put into practice back in the ‘real world’.

At Aorta Sales we only offer training when training is the best option. Different approaches could be individual mentoring, coaching, accompanied visits or even ‘leading from the front’.

We won't sell you something that you don't need.