Case Studies

Aorta Sales has had an influential effect on many companies. Giving them the tools to grow their sales and making their company the success that they deserve to be.
Aorta Sales have a wide variety of clients. Read the case studies to give you an idea of our cross section of customers and how we have helped them.
EMIN is a network of business incubators providing a complete package of valuable business and technical assistance to start-up companies in the East Midlands. Through sharing best practice, we are able to assure a high level of quality within these incubators. >>Read more
"emin have worked with Aorta Sales Ltd extensively throughout the East Midlands to support and assist our clients in building increased confidence in all aspects of their sales operations. Whether focused on the softer, coaching, personal development and confidence side of selling or whether developing more solid commercial propositions and sale messaging for our clients, feedback on the benefit of using Aorta Sales has been overwhelmingly positive. Aorta Sales have assisted dozens of our clients and we highly recommend their sales knowledge and professionalism for both commercial and academic/scientific companies".                     October 2007

Case Studies - please click on the links
Customer - Electrical Contractor
Customer - International Transactions
Customer - Major IT Supplier