Welcome to Aorta Sales

Whatever your sales challenge, be confident, you've come to the right place. Aorta Sales Limited lives, breathes and delivers professional sales capability to our clients and customers across all areas of the UK, major areas of Europe, the Far East, Africa and America.

Do you need Outsourced Sales, Sales Training, Sales Coaching, Sales Mentoring, Business Improvement, Sales Recruitment, Sales Force Excellence, Sales Management, Export Sales, New Markets, Negotiating, Contracts, Incentives, Compensation Plans, or improved Sales productivity or performance.?

Whether you are looking for sales development services, new sectors, export sales or key contacts into major prospective customer companies, whether you are considering the complete outsourcing of your sales function, or less dramatic coaching, training or fine tuning of your own sales activities, Aorta Sales Limited has a cost effective, pragmatic and guaranteed solution to meet your needs.

Based on our strong belief, borne of experience, that sales performance needs to be addressed as an holistic whole rather than as a fragmented, disconnected series of processes, Aorta Sales offer a complete sales solution.

We understand, that for any company, sales are the essential life blood of the business. Aorta Sales will address any sales related problem that you may have.

We are dedicated to work with you to maximise your company’s sales potential through ensuring fundamental basics are in place, the recruitment of sales resources, improving sales performance, coaching for more effective sales presentations, back to basics sales training, or even leading your sales efforts through our outsourced sales division, Aorta Sales have the depth of talent and such a variety of specialists that we provide the ideal solution for any sales related issues or problems that your company is experiencing.

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Our Outsourced Sales Division regularly contact organisations identified as suitable prospects for our clients' products or services. In agreement with our clients, we sometimes adopt their corporate identity, or we operate as Aorta Sales 'on behalf ' of XYZ client.

Before we undertake any outsourced sales contract we carry out detailed due dilligence on our clients' background, history, product or service and their ability to deliver in a qualitative and reliable manner.

You can be sure that we only offer professional products and services that we genuinely believe will enhance you or your organisation. Nonetheless, if you would like to be removed from the contact list of our current campaigns, please send an e-mail to: Remove@aortasales.co.uk