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With acknowledgement to the original artist (we have been unable to identify who this is), this cartoon sums up, in our view very effectively, the whole issue of sales attitudes vs. the business benefits to be derived from properly applied professional sales.

In a world where we are all 'too busy', where we are all bombarded with sales and marketing messages from the moment we wake and switch on the radio, to the moment we go to bed at night and as a result we have all learnt to filter and reject messages and promotions that we are just not 'of a mind to receive right now'.

In a world where free money being handed out on the street would be greeted with suspicion and quite possibly refusal, so often the challenge is to get the time and space needed to effectively sell.

There are many approaches, many methodologies, we cover a wide range in our comprehensive approach to professional selling, but on this web site we can only begin to scratch the surface of the materials, approaches and innovation that we can bring to bear.

Herewith in the Resource Section we invite you to review some of the many 'pearls of wisdom' that we respect and to pick out perhaps some specific tools or pointers to assist you with your sales challenges.

Do remember though, for a comprehensive, no obligation sales review and to discuss how we can apply experienced professional resource to improve YOUR situation, you only need to call or e-mail us at Aorta Sales.

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