Staying in the Helicopter

An eye catching title we're sure you'll agree and one which has served a very good friend of ours very well indeed.

Roger Harrop is an International Speaker, Non-Executive Director, Business Advisor, Mentor and Consultant focused on improved sustained Profitable Growth.

But enough from us, take a look at what Roger offers:


Do you want Sustained Profitable Growth of your Business - Guaranteed?

"Over 3000 CEOs, Business Leaders and Owners have seen significant growth in profits and sales as a result of attending my acclaimed 'Staying in the Helicopter™' - keynotes, seminars, workshops and masterclasses - and I continue to help many businesses and organisations large and small to achieve that, all important, sustained profitable growth through my ongoing association with them as a Business Advisor, Consultant or Non-Executive Director.

- and, do you know what?, I believe I have the best, most rewarding job on the planet ! Every day I help Business Owners, CEOs, Directors and others see the wood for the trees, grow, develop and become less stressed - and I see businesses take on a focus and direction and really achieve the results they seek.

I work with Corporates, like Citigroup, GfK Marketing. UBS, and Telekom Malaysia. I work with the smallest start-ups and with SMEs and others in between. I work with family businesses (I am a NXD of two), not-for-profit organisations, like The Plunkett Foundation, and with the local subsidiaries of overseas Corporates. " (Roger Harrop)

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Free E-Book

'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Profitable Growth, But Didn't Know Whom to Ask'. Click here for a free copy, courtesy of Roger Harrop.

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He has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of businesses - from small start-ups to large multinational corporations; from high tech manufactured products through basic commodities, to people based services businesses.