International Transactions


  • A major international payment card transaction processing company
  • Invited to formulate a product and service articulation strategy homogenising an d unifying a disparate and decentralised sales and marketing structure in order to achieve a common view of products, services, differentiator, material to overcome sales objections and processes to cross-sell and up-sell for client retention and revenue increase.


  • Processing services are integral to the client's business - these services generate significant revenue which need to be both protected and developed
  • On the basis of the defined opportunitiesĀ a set of startegic growth objectives had been set up to be achieved over the next three years
  • In order to achieve these strategic objectives, it had been determined that certain elements critical to the success of these strategies were missing
  • The urgent task was to determine what systems processes, procedures and materials were needed at every stage of the sales cycle from the provision of information to tender right through to contractual documentation
  • This was required to be done for every individual client business unit and from the differing perspectives of those involved


  • Aorta Sales staff identified and defined a complete sales strategy, sales support and sales communication structure for those involved in the selling and servicing of the client offering
  • Determined what materials were needed at every stage of the sales cycle
  • Examined what materials exist and which of those could be recycled
  • Determined what materials/information is required by all key stake holders and how useful these materials are
  • Ensured consistency of sales methods to ensure effectiveness
  • Audited all customer touch points and made recommendations on how these could be betterĀ leveraged
  • Process definition and clarification on how the client should react to sales opportunities eg RFIs and RFPs
  • Defined sales framework for all sales teams
  • Identified and audited where current business and business leads come from and how to track and act upon them
  • Definition and audit of how the client targets gatekeepers, influencers and decision makers across all their segments
  • Identified product enhancement opportunities and fed them into the product management team
  • identified key selling indicators and how recognition of these could be improved